11 Dec 2014

11 Dec 2014



Auden House has implemented several initiatives aimed at conserving the planet’s precious resources whilst ensuring the comfort, warmth and safety of our residents. Examples are:

1. Solar Thermal Collectors

solar collectors on the roof utilising the sun's power to heat our hot water

Panels on the roof utilising solar energy to heat our hot water. During summer months 70% of our hot water is supplied in this way.

2. Solar panels

Our most recent addition of 16 solar panels on the roof generate up to 4kW of energy at peak sunlight to supply energy to lighting and freezers during daylight hours.

 3. Ground source heat energy fence

ground source heat fence supplying heating to the extension; 7 bedrooms, wet room, corridors, office, laundry

Our ground source heat fence takes heat from under the ground to supply underfloor heating to the ground floor of the extension and hot water to radiators on the first floor of the extension. The heat fence provides heat to 7 bedrooms with en-suites, wet-room, office, laundry and both upstairs & downstairs corridors of the new wing.

4. LED lighting

Throughout the home, we have replaced all light bulbs with LED versions significantly reducing the amount of power required to provide lighting to the home.

5. Motion-sensor lighting

Motion sensor-ed lighting has been implemented in some areas of the home to ensure that lights are only on when someone is in the area. Lights automatically switch off after a period of no movement detected by the sensor.

6. Individual thermostat controllers

Each of our 24 bedrooms is individually thermostatically controlled and timers are used to ensure rooms are not heated during the day time when not occupied. Timings and temperature are individually tailored to suit the requirements of the resident and can easily be modified for changing needs.

 7. Home grown organic fruit & veg

„Many fruits & vegetables are grown in the garden for the benefit of our residents. „Residents are engaged in planning, planting, watering, harvesting & consuming the organic produce.

Auden_residents gardening_faces

preparing to plant the seed potatoes

Auden_residents planting potatoes#2

planting them carefully

Auden_residents planting potatoes#3

sharing the workload

Auden_residents gardening

It's been worth the wait! These plums are delicious .

It’s been worth the wait! These plums are delicious .