11 Nov 2014

11 Nov 2014

24 hour personal care



Auden_activities_entertainment timeAt Auden House we provide 24 hour personal care for up to 24 residents aged over 65 years.

We accommodate both male and female clients, in the following categories:

  • Dementia
  • Physical Disability
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Old age (not falling within any of the categories above)

Providing care for and fulfilling the needs of our residents is our principal focus …

……………………..and is at the heart of everything we do

To ensure we provide excellent care from the outset, within 24 hours of arriving as a resident at Auden House a person-centred care plan will be drafted to outline  specific details of your preferences for how to be treated by our staff team, for example:

    • how you prefer to be addressed by our staff
    • medication requirements, including how soon we will need to order new supplies for you
    • dietary requirements, including any food likes & dislikes
    • how you take your tea, coffee etc.
    • what hobbies you have & activities you like to do
    • aspects of your history you’d like us to be aware of, where you grew up, where you worked etc.

We constantly strive to improve our service and through regular meetings and satisfaction surveys we offer an opportunity for residents and their relatives to suggest ways we can improve. Of course, our staff are trained to handle complaints at any time, so we are always open to constructive feedback.